Laser Procedures

UltraPulse® Encore™ (ActiveFX™/DeepFX™)

The UltraPulse® Encore™ (ActiveFX™/DeepFX™) is a fractional CO2 laser resurfacing system that is used for wrinkles, scars, brown spots due to sun, melasma, and actinic keratoses.  It can give dramatic results in just one treatment. The sterile laser light interacts with the skin’s surface to improve texture and tone, stimulate new collage formation, and tighten the skin, resulting in a more youthful appearance. It can take off 10+ years off one’s appearance. The immediate skin tightening reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and softens deeper frown lines. Healing time is faster than that with traditional laser resurfacing because small “bridges” of untouched skin remain, allowing for more rapid healing. This procedure is ideal for the person who has a busy lifestyle or cannot be away from work for more than a week, wants noticeable results with minimal downtime, and wants to treat uneven pigment, fine lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity. The ActiveFX™ fractionated treatment precisely targets the upper layers of the skin, but can be used for deeper ablation. The DeepFX™ penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, causing immediate contraction and long term collagen remodeling with very little surface interaction. Because of the fractionated technology, this treatment can be done not only on the face, but also on the neck, chest, and hands.

Both the ActiveFX™ and DeepFX™ are performed under topical and locally injected anesthesia. Oral pain medication is optional; however, patients may not drive for the remainder of the day after receiving internal medication. The majority of patients rate discomfort associated with the ActiveFX™/DeepFX™ as a “4” of “10” with “0” being no pain and “10” being the worst pain they could imagine.

Immediately after the procedure there is a mild stinging sensation which dissipates rapidly. Many patients find the Zimmer chiller helpful for this.  Once the initial discomfort subsides, there is no pain associated with the healing phase. Redness, swelling, bronzing, crusting, and peeling are a normal part of the healing process and usually last 4-5 days. The rate of healing depends on the area being treated, the depth of laser resurfacing, and the patient’s age. Most patients can expect 4-6 days of healing (‘social downtime’).  Redness or pinkness disappears in most patients by day 10.   Red headed and very fair skinned patients may be pink for up to 6 weeks post-operatively.  Aftercare includes keeping the skin clean, soaking and applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly until the crusts fall off naturally. While healing, it is important to avoid sun exposure and wear a good sunscreen. Total Block® or a sunscreen containing Mexoryl™ or Helioplex™ for UVA protection with a SPF of 30 or above should be worn.


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